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How to Get Started with using the Potential Performance Pro-file

Before we get started with using the Potential Performance Pro-file as part of your interviewing and selection process, let me ask you a couple of questions. What would you pay to add another solid agent to your staff? What is that person worth to you in commission generated to the office?

On the other side of the spectrum, what does it cost you in time, energy and resources to hire someone who does not meet your standards?

It’s probably easier to answer the first two questions but certainly if you can avoid the trap of hiring people who do not have what it takes you can save time and money.

The Start-Up Pack contains (20) twenty Potential Performance Profiles and a Process Manual.

Start- Up Process – Step 1 in the process is for you to use one of the Pro-files and take it yourself. This will provide you will a “hands on feel” for how long it takes to answer the questions and complete the Pro-file.

It’s long believed that Managers often hire agents in their own image. Now you will find out what that may be.

How You see others- Step 2, think about your best agent and complete a Pro-file, as you see them. You have the benefit of experience. This step will provide you with some insight as to how the Pro-file mirrors that evaluation. Step 3, think about your worst agent and complete the same step. Note how the graph section creates a quick review.

Baseline validation – Step 3,ask your top 2 or 3 agents to take the Pro-file. Explain to them that you are implementing a new system. Be willing to share the results. The objective with this step is for you to see how your better agents profile. It is a way for you to better understand and validate what the Pro-file measures.

Install and use – Step 4 Determine how you want to use the Pro-file in your interview process. Make sure any support staff, who may be involved, have a working knowledge of how to administer and score the Pro-file.

You should have 12-14 Pro-files to use before you need to re-order.


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