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Your will find the PRO-FILE

1.  To be cost effective

2.  To be easy to use

3.  Will help you find people who have the greatest capacity to list and sell real estate successfully. 

What we measure:
It starts with understanding what you need to know about successful sales people. There are fifty seven different dimensions of human behavior. Seven of those behavior characteristics make a difference in real estate sales. The Potential Performance Pro-file identifies how a person will likely respond to the challenge of selling real estate as it measures these seven essential elements.

Coupled with a solid understanding of how to conduct an interview, using the Potential Performance Pro-file can help you eliminate hiring mistakes and focus your attention on working with winners.

How to Administer:
The Pro-file is easy to use. You determine when you want to have the candidate take it, and it only takes them ten minutes to complete. You then score the answers, plot the scores onto a graph page and move ahead with the interview. The assessment is insightful and provides you with a forecast of how this person will perform in sales.

Selection Decision:
The Potential Performance Pro-file is not a “test” and was not designed to make the hiring decision for you. Deciding on who you hire is based on many different conditions and considerations. That is why it is critical to conduct a face to face interview.

Learning how to interview is a skill. The “track” we have developed is a simple seven step interview process that you can follow. One of those steps is called Probing and that is where the PRO-FILE comes into play.

Do you need to use the Pro-file for every interview? Probably not, because you will likely filter some candidates out of the process early on in the seven step interview process.


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