Helping Real Estate Managers Hire Successful Agents

Coaching / Consulting

My primary focus is to make sure that you understand how to implement the Potential Performance Pro-file into your interview and selection process. That is why I built a "coaching session" into every Start-Up Pack that we sell. Over the last thirty years we have found that if you make the right selection decisions many of the other issues with managing and retaining sales people takes a back seat.

It may be that you have some special needs and if I can help you address those challenges I will be happy to help. What I suggest is that you take the time to complete the Management Assessment Survey and send it to me. We can set up an appointment for a phone call meeting and talk about your needs.

Start-Up Coaching Session

Once you have completed Steps 1 -4 with the start up process we will set up a 30 minute session to review your results and experience. The objective is to be sure you are comfortable using the Pro-file, understand how to integrate it into your interview process and answer any questions you may have with regards to reviewing the results once you score the Profile.


Interviewing and Selection is a process which requires that you have a consistent flow of candidates in your pipeline. If you don't have a plan to make that happen then maybe we should talk.

Please complete the Management Assessment Survey. I do a quick review and get back with you. The first call is No Charge.

Retention management

Keeping good people on your sales team is a challenge for every Manager.

Experience has proven that it is not always about the money. Some move, others retire, but when they leave for other reasons and you lose one it can difficult for you and inpactful on your bottom line.

I can help. Send me a request for phone call and we will talk about your needs.

Consulting options

I work with a limited number of Broker/Owners and Managers on a monthly basis. I don't believe in long term agreements, rather I focus on results. Until I have an understanding of where you are and what you want to accomplish it would be difficult to provide you with an idea of what I can provide and how much that would cost.

If you need some help we should find out if I can make a difference.