Helping Real Estate Managers Hire Successful Agents

Thanks for the opportunity to be of help. What I would like to do is get to know a little bit about how you see yourself in your role as a manager. If you will take a few minutes to fill out the survey form or download the PDF and fax it to (810) 629-1720 and we can get started.

Please also let me know when would be a good time to set up an appointment to talk with you. We will need 15 - 30 minutes of uninterrupted time. I will call you so make sure I have your contact information.


Management Assessment Survey
Rank yourself as to your ability in the following categories. Read each of the statements below, then place the corresponding number that best represents how you feel about your ability with the task at hand.

5 - Outstanding ability, I can teach others how to improve this skill.
4 - I am very comfortable performing this task but am always looking to improve.
3 - I am fairly comfortable with this task but need to learn more.
2 - I understand what this task is but find it difficult to put into action.
1 - Help, I have very little ability in this area but need to learn more.
0 - I don’t have time or don’t care about this management task.