Helping Real Estate Managers Hire Successful Agents


We believe that growing a successful real estate company starts with recruiting, selecting and keeping good sales people. Our mission is to help you by providing you tools and consultancy that can help you get the job done.


Recruiting is both an active and passive process. Developing a recruiting plan of action takes time and effort and we can help. Send us a Completed assessment survey and we will schedule a no cost meeting to review your plan.


Most real estate sales managers have had little or no training in how to conduct an interview and usually rely on their "gut" when making a hiring decision. Let us help you today.


Keeping the best sales people is a key to building a successful sales organization. Understanding the dynamics of managing and leadership are critical to the process. Are you losing good people to other firms?

"I have used the Profile for a number of years and find it to be a valuable addition to my interviewing process. It has made a real difference in my ability to hire people who can produce."


Scott Myers Broker-Owner

"Doug has helped me understand the importance of managing the human assets in my company. I am a sales guy who needed some management help and it has made a difference"

Tom Wilhelm Broker-Owner